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Here's Starchild & The New Romantic's Video for "Relax"

Solange's touring guitarist steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight.
November 21, 2013, 8:45pm

"Relax" - directed by Kevin Kloecker and Aman Singh.

Last week Noisey got super excited about Solange's future-fabulous R&B compilation Saint Heron. One of its standout tracks was the vinyl-crackled, piano loop-driven, super-chill sonics of "Relax" by Starchild & the New Romantic, and now we're premiering his video (above).

This glitchy, VHS-vibing video depicts—we imagine—a day in the life of Starchild, aka Bryndon Cook. He wanders around, flicks through records, plays a show, uses a honey bottle as a pretend telephone, smiles an awful lot, and looks good in shorts. (Sidenote: why do so many guys refuse to wear shorts? Show your calves, buddies, it's okay, we've seen them before.)

Here's a little bit of background on Cook: he's a worked closely with Ghostly International producer and beatmaker Lord Raja and calls Chairlift's Patrick Wimberly his mentor. Back in 2012 he covered Lemonade's "Neptune" with Dev Hynes (download it free here), and when Dev stopped touring with Solange, Cook stepped up as her guitarist/keyboardist/backup singer.

That, my friends, is an indie R&B pedigree and you can listen to more from him here. Enjoy.