Honestly, @Seinfeld2000 Intarviewed A-Trak About Cam'ron, Dipset, Kanye, and What Sienfeld Would Be Like If It Still on Televisien

This was suposed to be the summer of Garge, but now it look like summer 2014 belong to A Trak and Cam'ron thanks to their new track 'Dipshits.'

May 19 2014, 4:15pm

This was suposed to be the summer of Garge, but now it look like summer 2014 belong to A Trak and Cam'ron thanks to their new track Dipshits. If you havent heard it yet ,the song provide the definative answer to the questien "what if Dipset still on TV today"

Like Elanes relatienship with saxphone player named Jon Jermaine who "doesnt do everything," A-Traks career is prety hot and heavy rn. k, he just relesed a colaboratien EP with Lex Lugor, his Federel Reserve EP with Camron is arond the corner, and not to mentien his in the midle of tour. So what beter time to ask him via emaile interview what he think Sinefeld would be like if NBC hadnt canceled it in 1998 due to low ratings?

Lets start with the basic's. What do you think Senfeld woul d be like today?
I think he would be similar but he wouldn't drive a Saab.

You basicaly just reunited Dipset. Could you also plese do us a favor and reunite the cast of Senfeld so they can put brand new epsodes on the TV every week?
Yes I'm going to reunite every New York crew! After Seinfeld it'll be the Fat Boys.

What do you think is harder: geting Dipset back in the studio or geting Lary David and Jery Seindfeld to write an produce a brand new seasen of their hit TV show 'Sinefeld'

The stretes are thirsty for your upcoming EP called Fererel Reserve with Camron. Now I know Camron is a fan of Curb Youre Enthusiesm but is he also a fan of Senfeld?
I don't know! I'll ask him next time I see him. He would probably like that episode where Newman climbed up the tree to grab the fur coat. He likes fur.

Would you mind texting Cam and asking him what he think Sienfeld would be like in the modarn day? Simply let me know what he text you back
When I chirp shawty chirp back.

Did you see my twete when i photoshoped Gerge from Senfeld into Dipset and the captien is "Garge is joinin dipSET"? It sound like Gerge catch phrase "Garge is gettin upSET!"
That was a popular Meme.

Be honest did you LOL
Yes I L'ed-O-L.

k enough about me. Remember when you were on tour with Kanye back in the day
I do remember yes.

During those lonely nites on the road did you ever BERST in to Yezus room and just yell "WHAT IF SENFELD STILL ON TV TODAY"
Yes I would even say that in my sleep on the tour bus

Did you ever discuss about Sienfeld with Kanye, just like did you ask him ever what his favorite epsode of Senfeld is
Actually remember when Michael Richards had his racist outburst, years later? That happened when I was on tour with Kanye and Common. I remember we all watched Jerry's interview on Letterman. Common didn't seem too familiar with the show, he called it "Sein-FIELD".

Whats your favorite epsode of Senfeld?

Thats a halarious one, I love that epsode too men

In your opinien, if Garge Castanze ever relesed a rap track what would it be about
Jon Voight.

A Trak is a cool DJ name for sure, but its not very modarn. Have you ever considared updating it to something a litle more modarn like Blu Ray Disc
Imagen if 8 tracks was around today?

Imagen what if Sinefeld was today? Krame whoale day wait in line outside Soho Apple Shop locatien for iPhone 6 but he also have diareah
What's the deeaaal with smart phones? They're not smart?!

What if Garge dating Iggy Azezea
She has man-hands.

For this article can i get your permissien to Photoshop you in to Senfeld?
Permission granted.

Can you plese RT this article after its get posted on twiter? It just look a litle bit embarasing if you dont RT
I got you bb.

Thank's for everything, good bye

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