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For Absolutely No Reason, Here Are Musicians' Favorite Snacks Today, April 20

Albert Hammond Jr., Curtis Williams of Two-9, Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and others share some snacks they just happen to like.

by Noisey Staff
Apr 20 2014, 4:35pm

The Holy Mess:
Jesus Christ all the cereal! Lucky Charms and Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries are front runners for sure! Always with vanilla soy milk. Twenty-five cent boxes of Mike and Ike's original flavor from the corner store can't hurt either. We once had someone come to a show with a wholesale box of Mike and Ike's for Yosco. Like 25 boxes of some shit. We gave them to all our stoner friends in Philly for a week. Try Nutella on top of celery too if you wanna get wild. Don't knock it till ya try it! Ummm what else? Neapolitan ice cream with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top is the real deal. Sourdough pretzels with a can of Coke. Strawberry sugar wafers.

Intruder Blue, Masked Intruder:
My favorite kinda snack for a day like today is the same as any other day: stolen. As cool as drugs make you feel, nothing can match the natural high of wolfing down a party sized bag of flaming hot something-or-others while you run from the mark from whom it was snatched. Advanced snackers: try getting high and then stealing for maximum snackisfaction!

WOOKEY HOLE CHEDDAR CHEESE: I think all musicians' relationships with snacking will be wrapped up in the rider they get at a show, which also has kind of crappy associations with boredom/hangovers/hanging around. The giddy realization that, yes! your favorite cheddar that was aged in caves in your home country is on the rider today is quickly reversed the following day when either it isn't there (WTF WHERE IS IT.), or unusually that it IS there.. for the 10th day in a row. Riders are inherently stupid inventions.. who would want the exact same thing EVERY DAY?!

Fat Tony:
In the studio I'm rockin with Haribo gummis all night long. I fuck with the Gold-Bears, and I'm in love with the Happy Cola candies. First had 'em in my high school German class and been devouring them hoes ever since. Happy Cola is such an ill name too, wow. I'ma name my son Happy Cola. Shit, or daughter. Happy Cola is universal.

If I'm at home, I'm in the kitchen whippin up my breakfast tacos. Always egg and potato, ya dig. Sometimes with fajita chicken if I'm feeling a certain way. All I need is some yellow corn tortillas, potatoes o'brien, a couple eggs, lemon pepper seasoning, olive oil and some hot salsa to get it poppin.

Sam, Get Dead:
I enjoy the breakfast concoction I make called the Señor Presidente. It's a sausage egg McMuffin with the hash brown inside. Lightly drizzled with a breakfast burrito atop the hash brown. Add Tapatio generously and feast like the regal scumbag you are.

Avi Kulawy, Magrudergrind:
Cascadian Farms organic multi grain squares are whole wheat, slightly salty, slighty sweat and not only nutritious but work great for soaking up your Fireball whiskey drenched gut at 4 AM.

Lukas Previn, Thursday/United Nations:
I learned in my early 20s after waking up in my bunk having spilled a family-sized bag of M&Ms all over myself in my sleep and the sheets looking like a scene from Trainspotting...that I couldn't eat nine full meals worth of food between 7 PM and 2 AM and not feel like a bloated corpse the next day. So I found that sheets of dried sushi seaweed and edamame a) Took a long time to eat and were delicious. b) Didn't have the physique destroying properties of Ben and Jerry's and Cheetos. So ever since then I've tried to adopt a more "morning friendly" munchie routine. An added bonus is that I rarely wake up on tour in Vegas with chocolate-covered sheets and shake it out on the strip half naked with tourists taking photos.

Stacey Dee, Bad Cop/BadCop:
My number one favorite snack to eat when I'm on the marijuana is anything that has chocolate in it. Recently, I'm into those new really tasty snap-pea crisps in assorted flavors. I'm digging ranch/wasabi right now. I also really want blueberry waffles, why? I don't know, it must be the weed!

Curtis Williams, Two-9:
-Taco Bell breakfast
-Fiesta Eggs (invented by me). It's scrambled eggs with 3 cheeses, jalapenos, bell peppers, bacon bits, and tequila.
-Any pack of Skittles
-Ramen noodles (2 packs with hotdogs chopped in it with seasoning salt)
-Anything from Whole Foods

Steve Sladkowski, PUP:
Any experienced stoner knows that you can repress the munchies with enough bong hits. Having said that, there's this weird candy bar you can only get in the British Commonwealth called Wunderbar. It's a chocolate covered mixture of caramel and crushed peanuts that goes really well with Arizona iced tea & blunts.

Chuck Robertson, Mad Caddies:
My favorite snack is sourdough toast with butter, honey and cinnamon. Basically the stoner cinnamon bun. Happy 4/20.

Albert Hammond Jr.:
I usually snack on two or three things. A Fuji apple with good peanut butter (no crap just peanuts) or pumpernickel bread (deep dark brown bread) with gravlax avocado, soft boiled egg and cucumber. Finally I sometimes have turkey or tuna on Wasa crackers. Like a Swedish cracker and a dab of mustard. Why you ask. Well if you mix protein and fiber with fruits or veggies you get a balanced snack that replenishes lost wants and needs but also keeping your metabolism working so can also be burning fat at the same time. The secret to any good snack is to eat it slow so it feels bigger. Really chew it. Sometimes I eat very very dark chocolate. Either with salt or chile. Or raw chocolate. When I really want to indulge I eat pussy.

Sim Gravy, A.Dd+:
Oooooooh gummy bears and gummy worms. 'Cause they are amazing, and that is all.

Tom May, The Menzingers:
Often times, my favorite cuisines are those that abound from the blending of cultures, whether it be an influx of immigrants to a country or even (sadly) the colonial dominance and subsequent co-opting of a native peoples. The French and Vietnamese gave us Bahn Mi. The Spanish borrowing the slow-cooking meat techniques of Caribbean natives gave southern BBQ. So on 4/20, I like to appreciate interesting and fine fusion cuisine. That's why I'll be celebrating the Mexican/Midwestern/Italian delicacy of DEEP FRIED FROZEN MOFUCKIN JALEPEÑO POPPERS WITH RAGU CHYEAHHH BOT!

Brendan Kelly, The Lawrence Arms:
When hungry, but not desirous of a full meal, I like to snack. My favorite snack, now that's a good question. I'm a huge fan of bite-sized Rold Gold pretzels dipped in Sabra pine nut hummus with sriracha, because uh,'s so good. What am I gonna do? Guy Fieri you? "Oh, you get the crispness of the pretzels balanced out by the creaminess of the hummus and then BOOM! the sriracha sneaks up and hits you just when you're getting comfortable. Flavortown. Money. This is one hummus that's totally yummus." Is that what you want? Well sorry. I don't do that kind of thing anymore. Don't call me again.

Mish Way, White Lung:
In my opinion, the only thing I really want when stoned is sex, but popcorn also works. Popcorn, made on the stove not the microwave, or else these lime and coconut popsicles from Trader Joes.

Trevor de Brauw, Pelican:
Pirate Brands (the folks behind "Pirate's Booty") used to make these crunchy puffed corn snacks called Tings. I haven't seen them in a couple of years (hopefully they were discontinued for the misguidedly racist packaging, which depicted a post-hippy white guy dressed in reggae garb, and not due to consumer disinterest), but it's possibly for the best because it was frighteningly easy to eat through a whole bag without a second thought. That lethal combination of generous quantities of salt, a dash of nutritional yeast (you won't find a vegan in this world not hooked on "powdered gold", as I call it)(okay, that's the first time I've called it that), and the fact that it masqueraded as health food made it irresistible. RIP.

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