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Shit We Googled This Week, Expanded Universe Edition

Let's talk some more about the canon and whether Bret Michaels is bald.

by Noisey Staff
May 3 2014, 9:44pm

Each week, we take you to many times long ago and many galaxies far, far away here at Noisey. But we aren't alone on this interstellar journey: We're surfing the Internet, Googling up a storm to see what we can find for you, our devoted readers. It's not always easy. The Sith is always out there. But we've got our linksabers and our bitly pistols at the ready, so fear not. We'll take on the Internet like a couple of X-Wings making a trench run on the Death Star. Here, young padawans, is what we Googled this week:

Drew Millard, Features Editor

cade skywalker
us air guitar
seven samurai
billy madison nudie magazine day
scott storch instagram haircut
jerry seinfeld
french montana monkey
david lee roth bluegrass
french montana kingdom hearts

Drew is really good at air guitar and really into French Montana's monkey. He's also a major fucking Star Wars nerd if you couldn't tell. Not that he is necessarily right about Star Wars, we should clarify. The Noisey staff spent a lot of time arguing about Star Wars this week.

Dan Ozzi, Editor

john lennon fred perry shirt gay weekend?
dj heidi klum
everything sucks music
me. i am mariah carey
bob's burgers you don't get to say the punchlines
hookah necklace
seashell necklace
conch necklace
what are those stupid hemp necklaces that 311 fans wear called?
rick ta life horse
bret michaels bandana
coldplay for babies
cute satan puppy
say hi to your mother
jesus playing guitar
coolio weird al beef

Dan is looking for a puka shell necklace for some reason, even though he doesn't know what it's called. In other news, he got to the bottom of the Weird Al/Coolio beef this week when he interviewed Coolio.

Eric Sundermann, Managing Editor

basic bitch
fever dream
waka flocka flame brisk bodega
yeezus film poster
yeezus film poster american psycho
yeezus film poster american psycho bret easton ellis connection
dhananjay the first
pharrell hat
basic bitch

Eric Sundermann got really excited about the fake Yeezus film poster and then had to drink his sorrows away with Qream like a basic bitch.

Fred Pessaro, Editor-in-Chief

fred perry polo lennon
tiny prince
anna polina
danity kane irving
katorga works soundcloud
zex band electrical assault
ledgewood nj
chase stevens photography
black anvil
bret michaels bald
isbn number
Jonestown death tapes
neon knights
excel band
headstrong trapt
tyga twitter
miguel facebook
coldplay twitter
coldplay forum
Beachwood Canyon
circuit rider
black death drink
black death
it takes two

Fred is chugging Brennivin and pretending to like metal while surfing the Coldplay fan forums. He's not ashamed, though.

Kim Taylor Bennett, Style Editor

The Shoes French
Hey that's my bike
seven circles of hell
Do I ever come up in discussion over double pump lattes and low fat muffins?
Michelle Branch
Lulu app

Michelle Branch and Drake lyrics? Kim had a tough week. Give her a hug.

Kyle Kramer, Guest Editor

noisey beer
noisey wine
based god's curse
kevin durant twitter lil b
a sky full of stars lyrics
coldplay songs
johannesburg library closed
turn down for what video
slimer ghostbusters
library willow street new zealand
freddie mercury barcelona
coldplay songs
members of coldplay

Kyle spent most of his week thinking about Coldplay and Googling stuff about Coldplay. He's really into Coldplay. And Lil B.

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