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Here's The DMA's Video for "Laced"

Who said Britpop is dead?

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Oct 30 2014, 2:00pm

Look at these guys. They look so pallid, so wan, so vitamin D deficient, so, well, British. The DMA's like baggy tracksuit tops and old school Adidas and buttoned up polo shirts and chains. And the video for "Laced," premiering below, seems to be set largely in some crappy east end flat (apartment), right down to the cups of tea on the couch and the kitchen hang time—until it all takes a turn for the surreal.

But these guys are not British, they're from Newtown, Australia. Aren't Aussies supposed to be all sunkissed and surfer-fit? (Yup, we're really trotting out all the cultural stereotypes here.) They might've been born Down Under, yet their music is imbued with Britpop bluster, the kind of jangly sonic cadences that recall the Stone Roses or Oasis, right down to the give-a-fuck jut of singer Tommy O'Dell's jaw. And just like their musical forefathers, they're barely a single deep and already causing quite the stir. Just remember: staying out of the sun is good for your skin, so pale is in, but smoking from your eyeballs is a no-no.

"So We Know / Laced" is out on 11.14 via Mermaid Avenue (US), Partisan Records (U.K), I OH YOU (AUS)

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