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The Singles Club with Mish Way

Songs from Bathhouse, Barf Troop, and more.

by Mish Way
Feb 22 2014, 7:30pm

We asked Mish Way to write about what she's been listening to lately. Here's what she came up with.

Bathhouse - “Silver Spoon”

There was a really dark time in my life last year (okay, it was basically the entire year) when I just sat around my apartment listening to records and snorting morphine all day. Sometimes I went to work picking vintage at dirty rag yards and other times I sat behind my computer writing while my eyes started to close in on themselves, but overall, I was in a haze. I love morphine. It’s a reason to jump into on coming traffic, but it’s also a pathetic, dark spiral of bullshit which turns you into a cloud of nothing. That being said, now that I am not shoving lines of morphine up my nose on the regs, songs that remind me of that feeling resonate.

Enter: Bathhouse and their debut single, “Silver Spoon”. Based in Vancouver, Bathhouse are a three-piece made up of Brenna Holler (drums), Caitlin Alexandra Butcher (bass, vocals) and Javan St. (guitars). This is morphine music. They are battling White Poppy for the new position in my brain as the genre “downer dreams”. “Silver Spoon” is the calm between that last drink and the drugs wearing off. Directed by Jorge Carlo Cruikshank, “Silver Spoon” was the band's attempt at capturing the unsettling. “We didn’t want to be so literal or obvious in terms of any specific story but rather present vague moments in time that would allow viewers to indulge a somewhat muddled, dreamlike state,” the band told me in an e-mail. Mission accomplished.

Barf Troop - “Pickle Juice”

A while back I introduced Noisy to Barf Troop, a rap circuit of young girls across the Southern states who write about feminism, sea shells and whatever they like. All the girls met on the internet and use the power of their Macs to turn their bedroom lyrics into cut-up rap songs. Their latest single “Pickle Juice” gives me hope for the future, that there will be a whole fleet of young chicks who just continue to make whatever the hell they want without caring what anyone thinks.

High-Functioning Flesh - “Touch Oblivion Icon”

High-Functioning Flesh are an electronic punk duo who live in Los Angeles. Members Greg Vont and Susan Subtract describe themselves as mutants. I’ll buy it. (Freaks.) They have only released one demo so far, but it’s four tracks of hardwired, seedy electro-punk. The killer is the last song, “Touch Oblivion Icon”. I can’t describe it. I don’t even want to bother. Just listen. I really love the idea of how electronic music is made. How so much energy and speed and amplification can be compressed into a tiny machine and then, re-appropriated by the mechanism and exploded into the world.

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