Date Your Worst Nightmare in Bad Cop / Bad Cop’s Video for “Nightmare”

Nothing worse than what you'd find on Tinder.

Jun 25 2015, 2:07pm

Is it wrong to have a weird, semi-sexual attraction to the villains and monsters of your favorite horror movies? Like, the girl from The Ring, she needs loving too. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, despite his sociopathic killing spree tendencies, still needs a cuddle buddy, probably. Something about the possibility of getting chopped up with an axe or having your face ripped off is sort of hot. Because let’s be honest, dating a horror movie character is not much worse than anything you’re going to find on Tinder.

Bad Cop / Bad Cop’s new video for “Nightmare” explores the literal horrors of the dating scene. Cast your judgment on the people in the video if you must, but then ask yourself: Is a murderous undead demon really much worse than some of the people you’ve swiped right on? Exactly.

Bad Cop / Bad Cop are currently on tour to support their new album Not Sorry, which you can order right here. They'll also be doing the Fat Wreck 25th anniversary tour in August.