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All Aboard the Love Boat! Listen to Lil Yachty's "India (Oh Love)"

"Put my right hand on the Bible / my love for you is undeniable." Bars.

by Kyle Kramer
Apr 12 2016, 1:58pm

Image via Soundcloud

The other night on Twitter, Atlanta wunderkind Lil Yachty shared a video of himself mouthing along the words to a new song, with the caption "@ this with a girl that's playing with your emotions." The snippet, in which he sings "nine times out of ten I get what I want / but you makin it haaaaaard for me / you should put your guard down for me," was retweeted close to 10,000 times because, frankly, who can't relate to its plight? Love may be patient and kind and all that, but it is fickle and elusive as well, and ours is not always an emotionally trusting time. Plus, how do you get someone's romantic trust when you're best known, in Lil Yachty's case, for espousing the virtues of a one night relationship? Pure intent, I suppose. And thus, we get these bars: "put my right hand on the Bible / my love for you is undeniable / my story is unwriteable, it's true / true, for you."

Damn. Produced by Dolan Beatz, "India (Oh Love)" is the next phase of Lil Boat's grand love song of positivity. Check it out below.

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