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Get Lost in Experimental Supergroup Pyramids' Dreamy New Single, "Indigo Birds"

Members of Blut Aus Nord and Gorguts join Texas black metal/drone/shoegaze outfit Pyramids on a lush new album.

by Kim Kelly
Mar 3 2015, 6:05pm

Pyramids photo courtesy of Profound Lore

Pyramids' new album is a direct follow-up to 2008's lauded self-titled debut—skipping over the Texas-based supergroup's myriad remixes and collaborative efforts with the likes of Nadja, Horseback, Mammifer, Blut Aus Nord, Cocteau Twins, and Der Blutarsch, and going straight back to their own swirling roots. The current lineup includes the core quartet of R. Loren, M. Dean, M. Craig, and D. Willaim joined by Colin Marston (Gorguts/Krallice/Dysrhythmia), Vindsval (Blut Aus Nord), and William Fowler Collins.

This time around, Profound Lore will be releasing the record (entitled A Northern Meadow) on March 17, and we've got a positively lush new track streaming below.

Like its fellows on A Northern Meadow, "Indigo Birds" is an odd and inspired mishmash of black metal, electronica, shoegaze, and drone, a slow-moving swell of vaguely threatening soundscapes.

A Northern Meadow is out March 17th via Profound Lores Records.

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