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Ghostface Killah Responds to Martin Shrkeli with a Very Weird (and Kind of Touching?) 11-Minute Video

Ghost doesn't apologize.

by Noisey Staff
Feb 9 2016, 4:05pm

We know what you're thinking: Shouldn't Martin Shkreli and Ghostface Killah just end this beef that has now lasted way, way longer than it should have lasted? It's ridiculous. Ghost is a legendary rapper for one of the most influential rap groups to ever exist. Martin is a dorky asshole who's managed to stretch his 15 minutes into months. After Charlamagne tha God weighed in last week, can we just end this? Well, no. Apparently we cannot. Because Ghost has responded with another video saying that he's not going to apologize, calling Shrkeli a "fake Peter Pan," and labeling Shrkeli's "goons" from a previous diss as "Snap, Crackle, and Pop." Another funny video for the internet in this funny series of jabs, right? Well, sort of... until towards the end of Ghost's clip, when we're introduced to three people who have suffered from AIDS. It's all kind of odd. Just watch it below:

Of course, Shrkeli has already responded:

What a time to be alive.