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Behind the Scenes of Parquet Courts' New Video for "Black and White"

Co-director Johann Rashid stalks people in Bed-Stuy.

by Noisey Staff
Jun 5 2014, 1:57am

The new video for Parquet Courts' “Black and White” is one continuous black and white shot that follows a guy walking through a Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood.

It was co-directed by Parquet Courts' Austin Brown and Australian Johann Rashid, who besides directing the UV Race film Autonomy and Deliberation and Eddy Current Suppression videos, plays in East Link and Home Travel.

Taken from the Brooklyn band’s third album Sunbathing Animal, released earlier this week on What's Your Rupture?, the tracks hyper fast vocals contrast with the leisurely stroll that ends outside the apartment window of Parquet Courts’ vocalist and guitarist Andrew Savage.

We sent Johann a couple of questions to find out more about the shoot.

Noisey: How did you get involved?

Johann Rashid: I have been living in NYC for couple of months now floating around looking for things to do. I got a call one day from Kevin at What’s Your Rupture? He said that I was the guy to shoot this clip. So I met up with Austin and he had a pretty clear idea in his head of what the clip should be. One continuous take with other projections to enter with other surroundings. I like stuff that’s of a time and a place. I met the guys one day at their local basketball court and the rest was the rest. It was a damn pleasure working with Kevin and the band and a good start to a new city.

What is the smoke mean to represent if anything? An over heated amp?

It’s a simple clip with nice smoke choreography operated by Andrew.

I like how the guy strolling contrasts with the kids running for the bus.

The family running for the bus is my favourite part. The little girl lost her shoe but they make it just in time. Then this rad old dude in a hat got off and travelled the rest of the street to his house. No one seemed to notice me floating along.

Sunbathing Animals is out now on What’s Your Rupture?

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