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Watch Metal Mother's Video for "Mind_Off"

"Cult dancers and future-spun techno clans surge in new warriors and new lyfe..." Woah. Shit just got real.

Feb 10 2014, 4:06pm

Oakland singer Taara Tati kicks of the video for her latest single "Mind_Off" (underscore essential,people) by setting it in a black light underworld. Kinda like those stores you maybe stumbled into as a teenager in the 90s that sold incense, natural highs, and crappy tie-dye from India. The kind of place that would pierce any part of your body for five bucks.

This intro quickly morphs into a sequence that features a bunch of stoic Asian women trussed up as part part Kiss, early Gaga, and part Geisha girl. Meanwhile some dudes in fantastical ceremonial attire slo-mo chest thrust in a supreme display of virilty. We might be preggo. Oh, and then the baby (future?) sumo wrestlers enter the frame.

Basically we don't know what's going on but we like it, and we're also digging the soundtrack which is like Purity Ring x Grimes x Depeche Mode—all 80s treated guitars, a face off of industrial beats and tribal stomps, and Metal Mother's spooked, featherlight layered vocals.

Lifted from her album Ionika, Metal Mother had this to say about the video:
"This story exists in black, dense, empty space. A void. Cult dancers and future-spun techno clans surge in new warriors and new lyfe. We are privileged to this strange moment in this strange space and what we learn is more about what does and does not happen rather than why it is happening. Strange battles, strange visions, strange love."

Woah. Shit just got real. Keep an ear and (eye) out for Metal Mother: she's on the new Glitch Mob album, Love Death Immortality, out Feb 11.

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