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Style Rider: Banoffee Can’t Live Without Her White Air Force Ones

"Most of my favorite memories are of dancing, and most of my dancing is done in my AF1's.”

by Casey Lewis
May 23 2015, 4:28pm

Photo courtesy of Banoffee

Banoffee couldn’t be sweeter, and we’re not just saying that because she shares her moniker with an English banana toffee pie. Since releasing her heartbreaker of a debut single, “Ninja,” last summer, Martha Brown has been churning synth pop tracks that are complex and addictive—not unlike her namesake dessert.

After playing in a band since she was 15, the 25­-year­-old Melbourne native struck out on her own with a self­-titled EP full of R&B­-infused electronic tracks that she produced herself. Since she’s in front of the mic and behind the soundboard when she performs, she keeps things casual. The costumes for her music videos can be a little bit bonkers, but on stage, she keeps things decidedly low ­key and lets her music take the spotlight. She likes avant­ garde silhouettes and unexpected hair accessories. (Sometimes she has braids popping out from the band of her snapback, unicorn­ style.) “I definitely take my clothes a whole lot less seriously than my sound,” she says. “I go overboard with my fashion more than my music. That's the fun of fabric—you can always take it off. But music is in the ether forever.”

This summer, Brown is heading out on tour across Australia, so we caught up with her to find out what necessities she needs by her side.


“I have one beat­ up white pair that I've had since 2010. Most of my favorite memories are of dancing, and most of my dancing is done in my AF1's.”


“[I love] my plastic white collared trench by AVA. I'll never feel more confident than when I have magnet lapels. Yep—magneted.”


“I braid my hair, I wear piggy tails a lot, I put it in a top knot. My hair is my play dough and a cure for boredom.”

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