Get Wrecked to This Crushing New Genre-Crossing Split from Fórn and Yautja

Stream a new song each from funeral doom upstarts Fórn and noisy grind/hardcore trio Yautja.

Nov 19 2015, 10:31pm

Yautja / Photo courtesy of Gilead Media

Gilead Media is one of the best independent, heavy music-focused record labels going right now, and one of the more prolific, too. This time around, the Wisconsin-based operation has seen fit to fell us with a one-two punch from two Noisey favorites, Fórn and Yautja. The twain meet on a new vinyl/digital split, featuring one new song apiece.

As Gilead describes it, this latest release is "between two young bands from different ends of the abrasive music spectrum," and they're not wrong—Fórn's grand, funereal "Ancient Tongues" shudders and stomps at a glacial pace, while Yautja jerks and spasms through "Processed," an acidic storm of dissonant noise, hardcore, and nearly unbearable tension.

It's out now, and the first vinyl pressing is limited to 400 copies—200 on black, 100 on opaque yellow, and 100 on opaque blue—which means you're going to need to get your ass in gear if you want a piece of this one.

Stream it in its entirety right here, and order that bad larry from the label here.