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Embrace Friday the 13th with Alex Winston’s Video for “The Day I Died”

Winston takes a stab at classic slasher flicks.

by Noisey Staff
Nov 13 2015, 2:00pm

We all know the hierarchy of slasher movie murders. There’s an established formula to them. The most likely characters to be unfortunately killed are as follows, in order:

  1. Any person of color.
  2. Blondes.
  3. Horny teenagers.
  4. The chaste good girl. (Optional.)

Alex Winston plays with this idea in her video for “The Day I Died,” an homage to classic slasher flicks like Friday the 13th, which, hey, that’s today’s date. Here's Alex on making it:

"We shot the video in a cabin in up state New York and I wouldnt have been surprised if you told me Ted Kaczynski owned the place. It was that perfect. This was my first time taking a stab at horror and it was such a cool experience to try and recreate a story line that held true to the genre."

“The Day I Died” is the title track from a fantastic EP Winston released this year as we all eagerly anticipate her proper follow-up to 2012’s King Con. Speaking of which, don’t think we didn’t catch that “Velvet Elvis” reference in this video. Watch the video above and fall in love with slashers. Literally.