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Holy Shit! The Pope Played a Secret Show at Saint Vitus Last Night

Noisey was proud to present His Holiness' afterparty where he played hymns from his first seven-inch.

by Dan Ozzi
Sep 25 2015, 5:35pm

Brooklyn venue Saint Vitus has hosted a lot of bands’ on-the-downlow after-parties in its tenure—Against Me!, Saves the Day, Descendents, hell, even Nirvana. But last night, none other than His Holiness The Pope graced the venue for a secret midnight show, taking the stage around 1 AM after Nunslaughter's set.

Pope Francis recently dropped a new prog-rock record, but he kept the old-school crowd pleased by performing hymns from his seminal debut seven-inch. “It’s-a me… the Pope-a!” Francis told the cheering New Yorkers before launching into a cover of a sermon from Pope Benedict XV. “That was from the 1922 demo,” he laughed. “Anyone got that one?”

“Yeah, I used to play in a papal-core band with the Pope before he got big and started The Vatican,” one show-goer told me. “Great guy, though. He’s earned it.”

The Pope’s tour heads to Philly this weekend where he is expected to hold a vigil for the Golden Tea House.

For the eBayers asking, there was no Pope merch for sale at Vitus. He said he wanted to just “keep it light.”

Check out more photos below.

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