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Watch The Gotobeds' Video for "Affection"

Let's destroy some stuff, y'all!

by Drew Millard
Mar 5 2015, 5:05pm

The Gotobeds are a band that likes to fuck around. Their Facebook page is a thing of beauty—the Pittsburgh band's header photo is a joke about how they haven't gotten covered on Pitchfork, and their members are listed as "COOL-U, G$, GARES, and HAZY LAZER." That anarchic, casually bizarre spirit bleeds into their video for "Affection," which starts off fairly normal and keeps on getting more and more insane from there. Shot in stop-motion, the clip finds the band (whose members have done time in groups such as Slices and Kim Phuc) running through outfit changes, papering their drummer, and pretending to nap on the floor. "Affection" comes from The Gotobeds' Poor People Are Revolting, available now on Bandcamp.

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