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Kristina Esfandiari's New Video for "Orchid" Finds the Beauty in Feeling Miserable

What happens when you combine shoegaze, Deafheaven, and a childhood spent in a cult? Miserable.
August 24, 2015, 5:50pm

Photo courtesy of Miserable

Before she was gracefully tugging at our bloody heartstrings in King Woman, after she weathered the storms that surrounded her tenure as Whirr's vocalist, Kristina Esfandiari found time to carve out a space of her own. Her solo project, Miserable, skirts the line between outright shoegaze and the ethereal darkness of Alcest's best work, pouring on the pathos beneath a cloud of sound. It's beautiful, evocative music, an opiate hum anchored by Esfandiari's throaty howl and a woozy, hypnotic feel. Her musical output serves as therapy as she works through a poisonous upbringing, which adds a certain layer of desperation and urgency to the work itself; in the crassest terms, her pain is our gain.

Miserable will be re-releasing cassette and vinyl versions 2014's Halloween Dream EP on September 4 via The Native Sound, tacking on demo versions of each of the four original songs as well as a new track, “Palmistry Notes." One of said songs, "Orchid," was given the music video treatment—lose yourself in its unsettling charms below.

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