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Pedigreed Grindcore Trolls Brujeria Return to Hail "Presidente Trump"

Despite the title of their new single, Juan Brujo and the boys are probably not voting for bigoted, xenophobic nightmare Donald J. Trump.

by Noisey Staff
May 13 2016, 6:28pm

Unlike Municipal Waste (who have made their disdain for him very clear via T-shirt), OG grind trolls Brujeria are throwing their support behind the Republican Presidential candidate-to-be, sentient Carrot Top wig Donald J. Trump... sort of.

With tongues firmly in cheek, the long-running supergroup—led by Tijuana's Juan Brujo—campaign for Trump in the most Brujeria way possible: by inviting him to start a war, so they can fuckin' finish it. As Brujo explained via press release, "The song ('Viva Presidente Trump!') was on shelf for years with no idea for vocals. It was gonna be an 'Anti-Castro' part II song but nothing came out of it. It just needed proper motivation to go and attach itself to someone... and Trump came thru!"

"I see Trump as the white Republican version of Juan Brujo circa '93," he continued. "Wanting to start shit for the hell of it!!! That's why it's called "Viva Presidente Trump!" We both want same thing! So much that I want to be his running mate!!!"

The band is currently working on its Nuclear Blast debut and fourth album (their first since 2000's Brujerizmo). "Viva Presidente Trump" first surfaced as part of a two-song seven-inch; following its insta-sold out Record Store Day vinyl release, the digital version is out today on Nuclear Blast. At this point, Brujeria's nearly 20-year-old gimmick may be a little stale (or extremely relevant, depending on how you look at it) but if you think I'm gonna sit here and NOT fuck with a Shane Embury riff, then you've got another thing coming, my pal.