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Bad Kisser Will Guide You Through a Backwards Hell

Fall into a wormhole with the new video for "GOD LIVED AS A DEVIL DOG."

by John Hill
Dec 2 2014, 5:20pm

Bad Kisser is a crazy-weird drone acoustic side project of San Francisco-based ambient project Foie Gras. With her new video for "GOD LIVED AS A DEVIL DOG," it's super easy to get thrown off by the initial strangeness of it. The song and video can best be described as some sort of backwards hell. The bluntness of the song's elements being backtracked is haunting, and then somehow soothing at the end of it, leaving you with a sense that everything went well when all is said and done. The mixed up nature of the song turns into somewhat of a palindrome or mirror; from some sharp phantom to Casper the Friendly Ghost. Even though the song is two and a half minutes long (and also the longest song on the album, which you could probably finish while brushing your teeth) it compresses different textures and effects to make each listen startlingly different.

Check out the video below, as well as Bad Kisser's new album Bate Kush on Bandcamp.