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Listen to a New Track from The Neighbourhood ft. Casey Veggies & 100s

It's called "Jealousy" and is taken from a new mixtape.

May 28 2014, 1:57pm

The Neighbourhood (or The NBHD) aren't a group usually associated with hip-hop, but they soon will be. They're putting together a new mixtape called #000000 & #FFFFFF which features a bunch of up-and-coming rap stars. They've put out three tracks and we've got the exclusive on the fourth. It's called "Jealousy" and features Casey Veggies and 100s—the latter of whom has literally teleported down from the purple mothership where Andre 3000, Prince, and George Clinton reside. No news on why they spell their name the British way but they live in Cali, but we'll keep you posted.)