PREMIERE: Soulwax Return with Fictional Band Burning Phlegm and the Song "Nothing"

If this all sounds incredibly confusing, don't worry the Dewaele brothers are geniuses and all is explained here.

Feb 18 2016, 2:00pm

For those of you unfamiliar with Soulwax, here's their deal (in brief). At the core of the band are the Dewaele brothers, who hail from Ghent in Belgium, and together they basically owned every single dance floor in Europe and latterly across the world when, as 2ManyDJs they dropped As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 2 back in 2002. It's the only party soundtrack you'll ever need: an insanely smart mix of old school cuts by everyone from The Cramps to Salt 'n Pepa to Velvet Underground to Destiny's Child, seamlessly mixed and mashed with songs from Peaches, Felix da Housecat, Royksopp, Skee-Lo, Nirvana, and many more.

They're master DJs and remixers with an encyclopedic knowledge of music and the best vinyl collection ever. (We know—we had a nosey round their Deewee studio in Ghent back in 2004. In one of the bathrooms, when you peed the sound set off a discoball in the corner of the bathroom). If you want to really grasp the full force of their awesome check out Saam Farahmand's genius doc Part of the Weekend Never Dies where he follows them around the world. It's batshit.

But as well as being party starters they have a band called Soulwax where they exercise their rockier sensibilities (one record was produced by Flood), along with their bandmates, releasing three albums, plus a bunch of remix records under their Soulwax moniker too. Of late they've dropped a few remixes, like disco space epic that is Tame Impala's "Let it Happen," not to mention the all consuming project Radio Soulwax: 24 hour-long mixes with accompanying visuals, which took them years to complete.

But anyway, all's been remarkably silent of late. Until this year: they've created the soundtrack for Belgica—a new film by Oscar nominated director, Felix Van Groeningen (previously nominated for Best Foreign Language in 2014 with The Broken Circle Breakdown). The film's about a fictitious Belgian bar set in the early 2000s that in the few years it was open paid host to hundreds of bands and DJs. For the soundtrack they created 16 fictitious bands and penned accompanying songs and below is the premiere of the video for made up band, Burning Phelgm, and their song "Nothing" which just happens to feature "our favourite hardcore formation—Igor Cavalera with half of legendary Belgian hardcore band Dead Stop and our dear friend Jan Wygers."

They continue: “We recorded the original music being played in the club, wrote the music, rehearsed and recorded live on set the tracks played by the bands—ranging from a live kraut techno band, White Virgins, ​bequiffed psychobilly trio They Live through to hardcore outfit Burning Phlegm, whilst chanteuse Charlotte represents the other end of the spectrum with her neo soul pop.”

It's a lot to get your head around for sure and the video and song below is utterly atypical of their work: a furious punk squall and a mass of colliding bodies. Kinda wish this was a real band. Watch below.

The soundtrack for the film is released on Play It Again Sam on 2.26 and Belgica comes out in Benelux, France and Germany on 3.2.