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PREMIERE: NOTS - "Reactor"

Think Bikini Kill. Think the Cramps. Think The Fall.
September 10, 2015, 11:38am

Memphis based band NOTS come from a good lineage. Their debut albums is licensed from legendary label Goner, who were home to Jay Reatard, Ex Cult, and The Oblivians, among others. So it's not surprising then that the record also clocks in somewhere just shy of the the 27 minute mark. (We also joined the band in the studio for last year's Made In Memphis episode alongside the aforementioned Ex Cult, Jody from Big Star, Project Pat and others.)

Urgent, fast, and loud—think of all the adjectives used to describe racous lo-fi punk music. Think Bikini Kill. Think the Cramps. The Fall. NOTS take elements from all of these things and repackage them in their own visceral, sometimes psychedelic sheen. Watch the video for "Reactor" below.

We Are Nots is out November 20 on Heavenly Recordings. Find NOTS on Facebook here.