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Hopsin Is Quitting Rap and Moving to Australia

RIP Hopsin. 1 RT = 1 Respect.

by Drew Millard
Dec 17 2014, 5:05pm

Hopsin, a Los Angeles rapper with a nimble flow and an astonishingly large online following, has announced that he's retiring from rap and moving to Australia, in a Facebook post which you can read above. He is famous for his seven-part "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series of singles, which began with him rapping in his room about clean living and dirty sex and ended with Hopsin shirtless in a desert arguing with God about His existence, his association with Tech N9ne, and beef with Tyler, the Creator.

Hopsin positioned himself as an alternative to negative hip-hop about drug dealing and promiscuous sex, frequently used homophobic slurs and derided women for expressing their sexualities, and often rapped about masturbation, all in a flow that seemed to be solely influenced by Eminem deep cuts. In an interview with Kitty Pryde for Noisey (who also broke the news of Hopsin's retirement on Twitter), Hopsin said his rap name was not influenced by hopping. Now, he is in Australia, where there are Kangaroos, who may finally change his stance on hopping.

The announcement triggered an outpouring of support from fans, selections of which you can read below.

Watch the entire Ill Mind of Hopsin series below.