Humeysha's Video for "For Love, From the Law" Is Odd in All the Right Ways

Flipping between English and Hindi-Urdu, this NYC band utilize a languid sonic palette set to seduce.

Mar 21 2016, 1:40pm

Humeysha shot by Jordan Kenna

Here's what we know about Humeysha: They're a quartet based in NYC (made up of Zain Alam, Dylan Bostick, Adrien DeFontaine, and John Snyder), they released their self-titled debut back in October, and their single is a marvelously mellow kind of psych-pop, but it's clean and sparkly like a diamond baguette, dappled with Bollywood-toned lilts, sung by Alam in both English and Hindi-Urdu (the project was initially conceived in India). Given the current trend for smothering recordings in reverb and lo-fi fuzz, this kind of high def clarity is a real palate cleanser.

"'For Love, From the Law' always felt like the song meant to open the album from the moment it was finished," explains Alam. "Between the verse and chorus, the lyrics alternate from Hindi-Urdu to English and then back. The song distills my family’s stories of coming to the US from Pakistan, weaving in larger themes about promise, leaving for one’s love, and lost homelands."

Premiering below is the video for said track, which luckily, is as languidly appealing as the track. Praise be to that beautiful Fender. And guyliner. And maybe I need to get some more ferns for my apartment.

Director Neo Sora had this to say about the short: "We used iPhone footage of the view from a train window to create kaleidoscopic imagery, and referenced elements of 70s Bollywood cinema with the intention of communicating the themes of the song: love, migration, the painful longing to be with someone far away."

Watch it below and catch them in and around NYC this week and beyond!

Humeysha Tour Dates

Mar 23 - Baby's All Right, Brooklyn, NY

Mar 25 (late show) - Baby's All Right, Brooklyn, NY

Apr 02 - Eclectic House, Middletown, CT

Apr 18 - Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY