Frances Cone's "Wait Right Here" Is a Breezy Dream Pop Jam

Think Fleetwood Mac meets Dirty Projectors…

Apr 29 2015, 6:06pm

Photo by Madeleine Cooke.

With the production help of Lucius' Dan Molad, Brooklyn dream pop band Frances Cone just put out the perfect breezy, summer jam. The four-piece—comprised of Christina Cone, Andy Doherty, Jeff Malinowski, and Alex Baron—recorded the track while on a break from tour with their friend Molad. Cone says of the track, "It's a song about trusting in timing and a reminder to let go: control is a facade anyway."

Fluctuating somewhere between an indie Fleetwood Mac, Dirty Projectors, The Grateful Dead, and gospel music (much inspired by Cone's upbringing as a preacher's daughter), "Wait Right Here" is instantly gratifying, in part inspired by Doherty's jam band background.

If you're in New York go catch their free show at Rockwood Music Hall tonight.