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Madeon's Video for “Nonsense” with Foster the People Is Very 'Choose Your Own Adventure'

Or maybe this is what happens when your GPS fails.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Nov 17 2015, 2:18pm

Madeon is huge. He's also SO YOUNG. Twenty one to be exact, and he's been making music since he was 11, AND in the past couple years the electronic producer's worked with everyone from Coldplay to Ellie Goulding to Lady Gaga. Released via Columbia earlier this year Adventure is a sprawling debut full of sparkly electronic cuts that all manage evoke emotion—melancholia, joy, fuck yeah, let's party! etc. etc.—as well as boasting an eclectic list of guest vocalists (Bastille, Passion Pit, Foster the People). Below is the premiere of "Nonsense," the final instalment of his trilogy, following the “You’re On” and “Pay No Mind” videos, and set in a remote city in an undefined future and focused on a young woman, Asteria, and a young man, Icarus.

It's pretty Choose Your Own Adventure / Oh Shit Is This What Happens When GPS Fails? Whatever, it's pretty epic. And with Mark from Foster the People on vocals, "Nonsense" sounds a bit like a Phoenix remix if Thomas Mars was high on love and sugar. Just watch and catch Madeon when he heads out on tour at the top of next year.