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Chaos Chaos' Tune "Breaker" Is the Shit

Once upon a time Chaos Chaos were preteen band Smoosh who performed with Pearl Jam and Cat Power. Now this sister duo are kicking ass in a whole new way.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Sep 2 2014, 4:50pm

Chao Chaos, that's Chloe and Asya, shot by their sister Maia Saavedra.

We've got a lotta love for Chaos Chaos. First of all, when most of us were dicking around with Barbies or Lego, sisters Asya and Chloe were touring the world and playing with Pearl Jam as Smoosh. For a while all went quiet but the duo popped up again last year when they re-emerged as Chaos Chaos. Still only 22 and 20, the Seattle-born, Brooklyn-based sisters continue to hone their sound, which has now blossomed into assured synth-pop. Case in point, "Breaker," premiering below. Their first new cut in this year, "Breaker" is a powerful kiss off to lover who can't quite grasp the truth of what's before them. It's another example of their precocious talent and the sisters ability to craft hooks that are both instaneous and timeless.

"Breaker" is lifted from Chaos Chaos' EP Committed To The Crime out on October 7.


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