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Tacocat's New Video Will Make Having Your Period Seem Like a Day at the Beach

Ride that Crimson Wave.

by Noisey Staff
Feb 11 2014, 5:59pm

When Tacocat dropped their single “Crimson Wave” recently, it painted a pretty vivid mental picture. The period-positive song talked about “surfing the Crimson Wave” with some white wine and Vicodin. Got it. Periods. Totally.

In our heads, we pictured a campy 1960s beach scene with lots of red imagery and less-than-subtle innuendoes to it being that time of the month. Well, much like the NSA, the palindrome-loving Seattle band must’ve been scanning our thoughts, because that is exactly what their new video for the song looks like.

Check it below and ride that wave. But uh, maybe don't take it as far as freebleeding.

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