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The Misfits Respond to Danzig's Lawsuit "Tantrum"

This is becoming the Black Flag of 2014.

by Dan Ozzi
May 8 2014, 5:00pm

Misfits-gate continues. Last week, we rounded up all the tacky merchandising crap the Misfits have been selling at stores like Hot Topic. Then this week, with the help of RE-TOX, we brought to light that Danzig has not seen any money off of that and has filed a lawsuit against Jerry Only and the band that calls themselves the Misfits these days. Now, “the Misfits” have released an exclusive statement about it to the Hot Topic of music magazines, Alternative Press, which you can read below. Here, play this to make it easier to read:

"In 1995, Misfits founding member Jerry Only secured the exclusive legal right to tour and record as the Misfits, and, in accordance with those legal rights, launched a licensing program through Cyclopian Music. At the same time, Glenn Anzalone—professionally known as Glenn Danzig (former co-founder and Misfits vocalist circa 1977 to 1983) —made clear that he wanted no public association with the Misfits or Cyclopian Music’s business endeavors.

Despite full knowledge of Cyclopian Music’s use of the Misfits’ name and logos for decades, Glenn Danzig curiously filed a lawsuit on April 3rd, 2014 seeking a portion of the proceeds from Cyclopian Music’s activities with which he has had no involvement whatsoever. Danzig’s lawsuit can only be described as a sour grapes tantrum based on outrageous allegations, the majority of which are completely false, while others are ill conceived and grossly misguided—and will be proven false in court. Reports of Glenn Danzig’s lawsuit and the falsehoods within it, however, have resulted in the dissemination of misinformation regarding the nature of Glenn Danzig’s baseless claims and Cyclopian Music’s rights.

For example, Jerry Only and Cyclopian are under no obligation, legal, contractual or otherwise, to obtain consent, or approvals of any kind, from former member Glenn Danzig in connection with their use of the Misfits name or logos. Apparently Danzig’s own product line doesn’t sell as well as he might like, but the fact of the matter remains that Jerry Only and Cyclopian Music’s Misfits licenses, business activity and merchandising endeavors are 100% lawful and consistent with their legal rights.

To be clear, Glenn Danzig has no legal right to, and no interest in, Cyclopian’s Misfits licenses or business ventures period. Danzig’s lawsuit is nothing more than a calculated attempt to unfairly and improperly enrich himself from revenue streams to which he is not entitled."

Bummer. Another band’s legacy ruined by legal bickering, which is a shame, too, considering the Misfits had such a perfect, unblemished record if you just don’t count all the crappy merchandise, the Legacy tours, American Psycho, Famous Monsters, Project 1950, Devil’s Rain, Dea.d Alive, and everything Danzig has publicly said or done over the last 20 years.

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