These Songs About Cats Will Change The Way You Think About Music and Also Cats and Also Maybe Even Humanity

Cats on cats on cats.

Jun 13 2014, 4:25pm

My best friend in the world is a crazy cat lady. She’s not the mentally deranged shut-in type who has hundreds of cats roaming around her house, plus a bunch of dead ones who fell behind a bookshelf and no one will find them until the horde of living cats eventually eats her in her sleep. Not yet, anyway. Right now, she’s at the point where she’s a 30-year-old reasonably well-adjusted woman who is just obsessed with all things cat.

Sometimes, I am just in awe of the levels to which she has taken this cat passion. She has a tattoo of one of her cats, she has a cat shirt for every day of the month, and she sometimes goes on road trips with her cats. Maybe this is fairly normal behavior to you, the feline-obsessed people of the internet. But to me, a non-cat-owner, this is clinically insane behavior.

Today, when I sat down to the blank void of the internet, I asked her what I should write about. Not sure why I expected her to say anything other than “cats” but to not my surprise, she said “cats.” That’s when she unloaded Crazy Cat Fact #312 on me: She has a playlist of songs devoted entirely to cats. This is mind-boggling to me, not only that there are 28 songs about cats out there, but that there are so many musicians are openly willing to devote entire songs to them.

Since it’s Friday and I am too tired to employ more than four brain cells and since Buzzfeed shouldn’t be hogging all of those sweet, sweet cat clicks, here is my best friend Tami’s cat playlist. Please indulge her.

Also, she said I was allowed to write whatever I wanted about her as long as I promised to include photos of her cats. So here are her cats, Dory and Luxo Jr. She said she will read this article to them later.