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Get Lost in Loose Buttons Video for “Thrill”

Hitch a ride like Marty McFly, wander the streets, fall in love, fall over, worry about it later.

by Aliza Abarbanel
Oct 2 2015, 10:31am

Photo by J.D. Aronson

Another day, another iPhone—today’s tech becomes vintage at an alarming rate. While some people can’t live without constant upgrades, New York-based quartet Loose Buttons embraces the truly retro—VHS— for their latest video for “Thrill.”

The song’s all about having a good time, getting “lost in the thrill sometime” as the looping chorus is quick to remind you. Smirking vocals are laid over the jaunty wall of reverbed guitars. It’s a garage-rock-pop good time—think early Virgins meets Phoenix—something the video is quick to mirror.

The Loose Buttons boys, along with their merry crew of partiers, run through Miami’s nighttime city scape—skating around South Beach and the Design District, hitching a ride like Marty McFly, plunging into pools, riding on the hoods of cars, and just cruising. (Note the questionable headdress. They should've taken our tip on that sartorial choice). The resulting, raucous video is the result of close collaboration between the band and filmmaker J.D. Aronson.

To achieve the retro-fuzzy effect required a lengthy processsing: it was shot digitally, transferred to analog cassette tapes and back to digital for the final cut.“I didn't want filters, nor post work,” Aronson said. “I think we ultimately stayed true to the notion of 'the thrill'— living in the moment, and being the most authentic version of yourself—by taking the VHS process through a natural set of stages.”

The specific resemblance to old-school videotapes wasn’t just a visual choice, but an intended throwback to childhood Sunday mornings spent watching old tapes.

“You know the home videos in the morning before dad watches Meet the Press, we wanted that, but updated for today,” explains singer Eric Nizgretsky. “It was our way of showcasing 'getting lost in the thrill' and I hope we did.”

Loose Buttons is on the move, with five upcoming CMJ dates and new music on the way. Catch them at one of their upcoming shows and watch the video below.

Loose Buttons Tour CMJ Dates

Tuesday 10/13 - The Novo Showcase @ Friends & Lovers - 10PM

Thursday 10/15 - Alphabet Lounge Showcase @ Alphabet Lounge - 9PM

Friday 10/16 - CEG Showcase @ Fontana's - 11:30PM

Saturday 10/17 - Hallelujah Blackout Day Party @ The Rock Shop - 2PM

Saturday 10/17 - Green Room Music Showcase @ Union Hall - 11:30PM

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