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Earlly Mac and Prada Leary Travel Through Time to Save the World in the "Pull Up" Video

The Detroit rapper dons a loin cloth to not only "pull up on these hoes" but also pull up on the cyclops terrorizing the hoes' castle.

by Zach Goldbaum
Oct 6 2015, 3:27pm

In his new video for "Pull Up", Earlly Mac isn’t the hero we deserve—he’s the one we need. Donning only a loin cloth and a sword, the Detroit rapper and Big Sean pal channels his inner Kevin Sorbo and travels back in time to battle a cyclops and some slimy demons at a haunted mansion. Lost? Same.

As Detroit reels from the recent death of up-and-comer Dex Osama, Earlly Mac serves up a light reprieve from the darkness of the city's street-heavy rap scene. In the video, directed by Ryan Lightbourn, Mac embarks on a Rocky training montage using a tree as a punching bag and a woman as a bench press (you have to work with what you’ve got). It's equal parts House and Hercules, but stays true to the artist's Motor City roots by featuring GM’s defunct DeLorean and a requisite shout out to “buffies” (Detroiters go bonkers for Cartier shades).

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The 27-year-old Earlly Mac hails from Dexter (the same part of Detroit as Dex Osama), and has run with Big Sean’s Finally Famous crew since high school. Mac and Big Sean collaborated on “Do It Again" off his debut EP God Knows, as well as on a number of Sean’s tracks like “Woke Up.” He’s now gearing up to release his third project, God-lee, later this year. The track, produced by IcePic and featuring Prada Leary, originally showed up in June on Mac’s mixtape Cousin Trap, but the title “Pull Up” is getting new meaning thanks to the video. Not only is he going to "pull up on these hoes," but he’s also pulling up on the cyclops that’s terrorizing the hoes' castle. In the end, Mac saves the day and gets the girl, proving yet again that the keys to a woman's heart are loin cloths and swords.

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