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PREMIERE: Shred in the Great Outdoors with CHON's New Video for "Splash"

This is going to be a doozy on Guitar Hero.

by John Hill
May 7 2015, 1:40pm

Photo credit: Travis Shinn

Do you ever wish your big dumb meaty hands were dexterous enough to play an instrument well? It's not so much the fact that both your hands are the size of a small animal, but it's that you're lazy as hell. That Starcaster your parents bought you for your tenth birthday hasn't seen any action since the Bush administration. But you shouldn't get so hard on yourself, you should just pick up the guitar and have fun with it, no matter how awful the noises you produce will sound. You can still have fun listening to the insane instrumental sections from a band like CHON without pressuring yourself about how well you can play.

CHON is a proggy instrumental band out of San Diego, CA that connect dots between different types of extremely technical genres, making a succient blend of music that won't turn you away for not keeping up. Their new video for "Splash" shows the group playing their instruments in any open enviornment they can get to. A heavily wooded area far away from the grossness of a big city? Accounted for. Next to a neat pond of rainbow shaded fish, swimming gently and peacefully? You're damn right. The song itself can be listened to in a number of ways. You can get really close to the track and thoroughly analyze every riff and note to try and copy the technicality. You can also just go to a park, sprawl out in the middle of the grass, and watch clouds form and float by, not a worry in the world. CHON's technicality is used to make music that's inviting to any type of listener who wants to just listen to a group of awesome musicians.

Watch the video below, and pick up their new album Grow right here.

John Hill hates loud noises and likes to take naps in parks. Follow him on Twitter - @JohnXHill