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Here Are the Best Photos of This Year's OVO Fest with Very Little Reading

Soak in all this beautiful Drake-related photography.

by Noisey Canada Staff
Aug 2 2016, 1:29pm

Over the weekend was the seventh annual OVO Fest. You know the concert Drake holds every year with a bunch of special guests and this year, taking place over four days, was no different. Well, kind of different since it's technically the Summer Sixteen tour with Future and appearances by Roy Woods and DVSN all of whom we got photos of. But, of course, famous people like Rihanna, French Montana, and Kanye West show up too—all of whom we didn't get photos of but such is life.

Anyways, these pictures are really good and since this event is so big and you likely know everything that happened thanks to Twitter and Periscope, context is not needed so without ado... photography! We commend you if you already stopped reading after the first sentence because that was the point. Thanks. Concert photos by Jake Kivanc.

Roy Woods


A picture of font type


Man, not to pat ourselves on the back but this is an objectively beautiful photo.


We didn't take these but here are two pictures of Rihanna and the outfits she wore for both days. For the culture.

Day One OVO Fest outfit. Photo via

Day Two OVO Fest outfit. Photo via