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PREMIERE: Accept the Inevitable With Black Breath's 'Slaves Beyond Death'

Seattle's finest are back with a ripping new album and a new lease on the afterlife.

by Kim Kelly
Aug 20 2015, 9:13pm

Photo by Invisible Hour

Death is inescapable. It's the answer to every final question that lingers on your lips, as regular as clockwork and unstoppable as the tide. We fear its cold embrace and the unanswered questions that surround it, but it fascinates us, too; it's life's greatest mystery, after all, and the exploration and veneration of its certainty has inspired countless cults, collectors, and, of course, metal bands.

Seattle bruisers Black Breath are the latest in a long, morbid line of heshers to explore the subject, tackling death head-on with their upcoming album for Southern Lord, Slaves Beyond Death. While none of us are truly beyond death's grip, Black Breath's lethal cocktail of ripping thrash, fetid death metal, and bloody hardcore would make an excellent soundtrack for whatever fucked-up activity eventually lands you in the morgue—and whatever hellish afterlife you may skid down into next.

We're now streaming an exclusive premiere of the album's vicious title track, "Slaves Beyond Death," below. Enjoy, fleshbags!

Black Breath will be ringing funeral bells up and down the Left Coast alongside Goatsnake, Battalion of Saints, and Obliterations next month:

9/16/2015 Mystery Box – Los Angeles, CA [info]
9/17/2015 Alexs’ Bar – Long Beach, CA [info]
9/18/2015 The Garage – Ventura, CA [*no Goatsnake] [info]
9/19/2015 Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA [info]
9/20/2015 Club Red – Mesa, AZ [info]
9/22/2015 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA [info]
9/23/2015 Boardwalk – Sacramento, CA [info]
9/24/2015 Catalyst Atrium – Santa Cruz, CA [info]
9/26/2015 Highline – Seattle, WA **BLACK BREATH record release show [info]
9/27/2015 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR [info]