Dance Through Every Door in Valley Queen's Video for "My Man"

Introducing this excellent new LA quartet who explore "sexuality, femininity, bliss, passion, masculinity, secrecy, addiction, chaos" and more in their debut video.

Jul 11 2016, 3:08pm

Shit's about to get extremely LA. I don't mean that in a derogatory way, but as soon as you press play, it's clear this video couldn't have been filmed anywhere else. And when I write this I'm thinking about my muggy BK apartment where I chased a cockroach around the other night with the speed at which I normally ingest hashbrowns. And yet I still did not catch said roach and neither did any of the dinner guests enlisted to help. All of which is to say this video by Golden State quartet Valley Queen has me dreaming of dry heat and suede skirts (yes to the gauzy scarves, no to the dreamcatchers).

Driven by the impassioned vocals of Natalie Carol—tones that shiver in all the perfect places—"My Man" is a song that smacks of rolling hills and freeform dancing, a kind of pop imbued with Laurel Canyons vapors and alt country angles and a top down free spiritedness. So it stands to reason that the video hinges on one such free spirit carousing around a house, possessed by the desire to dance—all heavy lids and that need to keep moving forward. At one point she's compelled to hurl an avocado across the kitchen (poor avo). Keep playing through that gnarly-good guitar solo at the end.

This is the band's take on it:

"The song is about intimate relationship as conduit for internal transformation," explains Natalie. "For this piece, my roommates Eden Rose and Megan McIsaac, our friend Mitch deQuilettes and I collaborated to create a visual metaphor using our house in Silverlake exploring the internal 'rooms' of the psyche—sexuality, femininity, bliss, passion, masculinity, secrecy, addiction, chaos, divinity—elements of the self often isolated from one another for a sense of stability or control. Ultimately, we wanted to create a moment when all aspects of the self converge into a state of surrender or deeper level of personal understanding. Internal exploration despite inner-resitance and judgement is the path of the whole person. Leave no stone unturned, and don't be sorry."

Thus far the band have released two tunes and have an album coming soon, produced by Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, FIDLAR, Fool's Gold). Plus their next single,In My Place” / “High Expectations,” is due out August 12th via Canvasclub.

But for now press play and dance your way through every door.

Valley Queen Tour Dates

7/11 - The Bootleg Theater Residency (Los Angeles, CA)*

7/15-16 - Moody’s Bistro (Truckee, CA)

7/18 - The Bootleg Theater Residency (Los Angeles, CA)*

7/19 - Lagunitas Brewing Company (Petaluma, CA)

7/22 - Neck of the Woods (San Francisco, CA)

7/23 - Sutter Creek Theatre (Sutter Creek, CA)

7/25 - The Bootleg Theater Residency (Los Angeles, CA)*

8/2 - WorldArts Session: Session/Interview/Pictures (Culver City, CA)

8/18 - Downtown Artery (Ft. Collins, CO)

8/19 - Lost Lake Lounge (Denver, CO)

8/20 - The Barkley Ballroom (Frisco, CO)

8/21 - Brues Alehouse Brewing Company (Pueblo, CO)

8/24 - Radisson: Paper Valley (Appleton, WI)

8/25 - East Side Club (Madison, WI)

8/26 - Ignition Music Garage (Goshen, IN)

8/27 - River Roots Live Fest (Davenport, IA)

8/28 - First Avenue: 7th St. Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

8/29 - Daytrotter (Davenport, IA)

8/30 - Hideout Inn (Chicago, IL)

8/31 - MOTR Pub (Cincinnati, OH)

9/01 - Music Box Supper Club (Cleveland, OH)

9/02 - Fleetwood’s Tap Room (Toledo, OH)

9/03 - Club Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA)

9/06 - World Cafe Live - (Philadelphia, PA)

9/07 - Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

9/10 - Otis Mountain Get Down (Elizabethtown, NY)

10/06 - The Green Room (Flagstaff, AZ)

10/07 - Raven Cafe (Prescott, AZ)

10/08 - Valley Bar (Phoenix, AZ)

*July Residency at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles (Mondays)