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PREMIERE: Trip and Fall Into the Bleak New Video for Gift of Blindness's Doomy "Martyr"

Watch David Hall's mind-melting new video meld with the UK duo's dark, electronic-tinged doom.

by Noisey Staff
Nov 5 2015, 9:57pm

Photo courtesy of Gift of Blindness

UK duo Gift of Blindness hover within that murky sweet spot between black metal, doom, electronic noise, and shoegaze that's got the kids all shook up, but damned if they don't make it sound good (if more than a little creepy). The band's unsettling new album, Martyr, came out October 26 via Blindsight Records, and they've just released a trippy, monochromatic nightmare of a new video for the title track. Directed by David Hall, a Canadian filmmaker and former proprietor of Handshake Inc, "Martyr" marks one of Hall's first creations under the banner of his new company, Uneasy Sleeper.

As Hall says of the video, “The band contacted me because they had seen my film “Axis of Eden” made for Today is the Day, and were interested in having me make them a video. After listening to the song, I was really into it, and started filming and creating animation over a three-month period. There was never really a concept or plot, just the notion that we wanted to create something menacing and captivating and slow, like a morphine drip hooked up to your genitals. I filmed a lot of flowers and plants and water and air and eyeballs and a woman. This is the result!"