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Forget the Bartman, Harlem Shake, and Funky Chicken, Join Dusk and “(Do the) Bored Recluse”

Amos from Tenement goes all country and blue-eyed soul on us with a new track.

by Noisey Staff
Sep 15 2015, 5:29pm

Yes, Amos Pitsch is from the great Wisconsin punk outfit Tenement. That said, don’t expect anything like Tenement in this new jam by Dusk, save for an overall punk rock attack. On the band's debut single, “(Do the) Bored Recluse” stands as country inflected through and through, with touches of classic blue-eyed-soul along the way. The whole thing makes for a driving sing-along that would fit just fine on a mixtape beside the latest Reigning Sound. Stream it below.

The track is from the band’s latest single, which you can preorder via Forward Music.