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Oh Hi, Here's a Sweet PicoTropico Remix of "Out There" by Masa ft. Miho of Cibo Matto

Listen up!

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Sep 9 2014, 7:00pm

OK this is the skinny: Didi Gutman from Brazilian Girls and and producer Hector Castillo (an affiliate of Phillip Glass/Looking Glass Studios) have a new project called Masa. Not long ago they released the video for "Pinos," a super chill summer lollop with some scuzzed up guitars, looped synths chords—and the occasional fairground whirl—with Didi's layered vocals singing about God knows what (our Spanish a wee bit rusty).

The video also features Miho Hatori from Cibo Matto even though she's not contributing vocals. Bit random really but Didi explains: "We were set up to do the video for Pinos, and Hector had to leave town because of an emergency. We didn't want to cancel the shoot, we had gear rented, people were available, it's hard sometimes to have all the elements together to make things happen. We called Miho in an emergency and she came through for the video. She acted as if she was Hector. We had fun. She is such a graceful beautiful being and immense artist. She loved the song. We said we should do an English version of it someday. And here it is."

SO! Above is the English version of "Pinos"—now called "Out There"—and it's been reworked by Mexico's PicoTropico. If all that info is still a bit confusing, screw it and press play: this song is like a disco under a coconut tree. Get loose.

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