Is Chopstick Brothers' Video for "Little Apple" the Craziest Music Video of All Time?

Yes. Yes it is.

Sep 9 2014, 7:00pm

In terms of unfiltered, dog-pissing insanity, few things in this universe rival the video for Chopstick Brothers' "Little Apple," a viral hit in China that's about to blow the fuck up in America in oh, I don't know, 24 hours. Within its six-and-a-half minutes, we're exposed to the totality of the human experience: love, war, plastic surgery accidentally turning women to men, nude square dancing in the Garden of Eden, temptation brought on by CGI snakes, colonial dudes fishing for mermaids, villages getting torn apart by the heartbreak of war, etc. You know, totally normal stuff.

Probably the craziest thing about this video is the fact that it got made at all. Like, when they were filming the scene on the beach where the one mermaid (who is one of the Chopstick Brothers in drag) gets jealous of the other mermaid because Mermaid One's boyfriend accidentally kisses Mermaid Two because he was trying to bite a floating apple out of the air, was someone on the (obviously expensive) set ever like, "Hey guys, maybe this is too nuts?" Or maybe when all of a sudden they're in an old Chinese village and one of the Chopstick Brothers (again, in drag) starts screaming because her boyfriend gets conscripted into the army and then dies an extremely violent death in front of her front porch? No one thought to be like, "Yo guys, this has nothing to do with the rest of the video, maybe we should provide some context?" Verily, nay. They did not. And that's sort of perfect.

Chopstick Brothers are a pair of massively successful Chinese comedians/musicians/filmmakers who make short-form internet videos. "Little Apple" is part of the promotional push for their film Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon, which I'm guessing is somehow related to their break-out hit, the film Old Boys.

Now that I've told you everything I could figure out about Chopstick Brothers and "Little Apple," I'm going to go practice that mermaid escape-shuffle in the corner of my office.

Drew Millard wrote this in Los Angeles. He's on Twitter - @drewmillard


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