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Montreal! Come Party With Us and Foxtrott at JanSport's Bonfire Sessions

Would you turn down something this free and great? No, you wouldn't.

by Noisey Canada Staff
Jul 12 2016, 2:21pm

Image courtesy of JanSport

Are you jazzed about Foxtrott? And Daniel Caesar? You are likely a music savant so, yes, you know both of these names and are down with them. How about Wasiu as Rawsiu with Dear Lola? Yes! Vice and JanSport have a treat for you then because all three of these acts will be performing for FREE at JanSport’s Bonfire Sessions in Montreal Saturday, July 23 at Illot Charlevoix at Canal Lachine. The only requirements are that a) you’re 18 years of age or older and b) you RSVP here to attend. Boom! You’re in.

Doors open at 6PM with the show starting at 7PM. Be sure to get there early because space is limited (it’s free, duh) and you don’t want to miss this. For more information about upcoming shows, visit the JanSport Bonfire Session website, follow JanSport on Twitter. We’ll see you at the show, right? Yeah, obviously.