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YG Explains the Night He Got Shot to a Therapist

In this extended trailer for our upcoming NOISEY special on VICELAND, YG talks extensively about what happened on that night.

by Noisey Staff
Jun 10 2016, 4:24pm

Last summer, YG was shot three times by an unidentified gunman, a night he hasn't spoken too extensively about on video until now. Recently, just a few weeks before the release of his upcoming sophomore record Still Brazy out June 17 on Def Jam Records, YG sat down to talk to a therapist about how to handle the paranoia brought into his life by that night. We filmed the conversation and below you can watch a clip of him explaining just exactly what happened.

NOISEY Presents: YG and the Therapist airs on Sunday, June 12 at 10 PM EST only on VICELAND.