FACT: If You Love Power Pop, You're Gonna Love Molly's New Video for "Bagu Bagu"

Helloooooo, Husker Du!

by Noisey Staff
Feb 19 2015, 8:33pm

Power pop is so chill these days. Maybe its the Replacements reunion or the resurgence in punk rock in general, but it seems like the entire world has just woken up and realized that Weezer's blue album was kind of tight. Copenhagen's Molly defy those hyper-basic conventions found in the rest of the herd with their new video for "Bagu Bagu." Channelling Husker Du in all of the best ways, the video is from the band's forthcoming LP Peach Melba due in late March / early April via Party In Your Head Records. Check it out above.

Damn, Danes be killing it lately.