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Watch Birdman Curse Out The Breakfast Club and Walk Out on His Interview

"I want to start this off quick, and tell all three of y'all to stop playing with my name."

by John Hill
Apr 22 2016, 12:20pm

For the past few years, Power 105.1's morning show The Breakfast Club has proven itself to be one of the most popular and entertaining hip-hop shows out there. A lot of this is thanks to the hosts' willingness to go at certain guests, getting a rise like no other host can. This proved to be the case when co-founder of Cash Money Records Birdman showed up to the program, and immediately got tense. In the clip below, cameras pick up when Birdman immediately walks in the room, telling the hosts "I wanna start this shit off quick, and tell all three of y'all to stop playing with my name." The three get very confused, starting the show and asking why exactly he's upset. Charlemagne asks him "get it off your chest, I don't understand the angle" and Birdman kind of repeats himself, saying he doesn't have a problem and wanted to say face to face to respect his name. He doesn't stick around for too much longer, and walks out on the interview, making it the quickest entrance and exit in under two and a half minutes.

In the past, Birdman has been called out on the show for his business decisions in regards to Cash Money's slow release schedule, and during one of their own interviews with Rick Ross. Charlemagne Tha God has also unceremoniously awarded him "Donkey Of The Day" for once spilling a drink on Lil' Wayne.