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Björk Just Released a Very Mouthy Video for "Mouth Mantra"

Francis Bacon would be down with this.

by Emma Garland
Dec 4 2015, 1:39pm

Björk's Vulnicura is one of the greatest albums of 2015. Although she canceled the last few shows on her album tour because singing the songs from it was too emotionally difficult, she has treated it as much as an interactive art experience as a record. First came the 3D virtual reality music video for the first single "Stonemilker," then the corresponding exhibit at MOMA in New York, and now there's a video for "Mouth Mantra," made in collaboration with the artist/filmmaker Jesse Kanda.

Featuring a lot of (you guessed it) mouths and mouth-based activity, it's simultaneously brutal and beautiful. One bit even resembles someone trying to photocopy their tongue while on acid. Francis Bacon would have bloody loved it.

Watch below.