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Premiere: Trinidad Jame$ feat. Tef Poe - "This America"

A raw protest song, just in time for the New Year.

by Noisey Staff
Jan 1 2015, 3:30pm

"Young, black, born with a strike. A battle to just stay alive," Trinidad Jame$ intones on his new, Tef Poe-featuring track "This America," produced by Five Points, a collective made up of DJ Burn One, Walt-Live, and Go! Ricky Go! The Atlanta-based Jame$ is waxing political here, and Tef Poe—the St. Louis, Missouri rapper who has served as an integral part of the Ferguson, MO protests following the slaying of Michael Brown—unleashes a torrent of righteous fury that recalls the scorching polemics of Killer Mike and Chuck D. The track is equal parts psychedelic and angry as hell. If you're not starting your year off by questioning everything, what are you doing, really?

"This America" comes from DJ Burn One's upcoming compilation GREENWOOD, which consists of loose tracks as well as songs from the fourteen (FOURTEEN!) Burn One-produced projects dropping in the first two months of this year. If you like carefully constructed country-rap tunes that push the boundaries of the genre, then January and February 2015 are going to be an extended Christmas for you.

Listen to "This America" below.