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Stream “Weekdays/Weekends” the Debut Album for Sydney’s Weak Boys

Self effacing and charming pop from members of No Through Road and Dollar Bar.

by Noisey Staff
Oct 21 2014, 5:56am

Weak Boys are like the indie balladeers of Sydney’s inner west. Their observational jangle pop that falls somewhere between Big Lizard in My Backyard era Dead Milkmen, the self effacing pop of Jonathan Richman and fellow Sydney band Smudge, casts a keen eye over life as a early 30-year-old in Enmore and surrounds. These are songs about drinking, dogs, running out of wine, dealing with landlords, working overtime and drinking some more.

Having captured the dramatic highs and lows of getting fucking destroyed on the single/video “Hangovers”, the three piece of Chris Yates, Craig Lyons and Matt Banham are about to release their debut Weekdays/Weekends on new Sydney label Strong Look.

Banham, a former Adelaide lad, keen Tweeter and who played in No Through Road answers some questions before the album’s release on Friday October 24.

Noisey: With tracks like “South Australia”, “Hangovers”, “Unrequited Diane Keaton” and “Fucken Landlords” I see the album has taken on an autobiographical direction. Did you ever consider tackling all these subjects in one song and just releasing a single?
Matt Banham: Unfortunately we didn’t even think of that idea, which I now realise is a huge missed opportunity. Maybe our resident remix bass player DJ YUTTS/Bong YZA could do a Jive Bunny style mega mix of all the tracks on the album. It could be a crossover hit into the world of early 90s one hit wonders.

There are some touching moments on the album such as “Dog Farm” that is like a Billy Joel ode to canines.
“Dog Farm” is the tail (pun intended) of Chris's struggle with human communication and his success with talking to dogs. Dogs do most of their communicating through smell so Chris is obviously naturally gifted in that area.

The album is on vinyl. How many people did you say,“Just got the test pressing back” to?
To anyone who would listen. I spend a lot of time telling people things that they have no real interest in. It’s one of the best reasons for starting a band. It’s a great place to communicate. Open up channels for communication that are completely one way and with no chance for people to respond. Except between songs. Which is something I need to work on.

What’s the story with new label Strong Look? Do they have the same ear to the ground/marketing nous as I Oh You?
They seem to be pretty good at making hashtags which is becoming more important in this and this day and age. I’ve never really looked into it myself but according to the contract we signed with them hashtags cost a fortune to come up with. I think we are gonna be paying them back for #weakboysanalbumparty for many years to come.

Do you have a favourite Diane Keaton film? First Wives Club era or mid 70s? She’s been single for a while now. Do you have any divorced uncles that you know could have a crack?
Stuff my uncles! When she hears “Unrequited Diane Keaton” I hope she wants to go on a date with me! No way I'm letting my uncle try his moves on her when he didn’t even play on the song. He missed his chance.

"Weekdays/Weekends" is available now digitally and on vinyl October 24. Pre-orders are available here.

Catch up with Weak Boys when they launch the album:
Nov 7, Adelaide at The Metro
Nov 15, Brisbane at Trainspotters
Nov 22, Melbourne at The Tote (upstairs)
Nov 23, Melbourne at The Grace Darling (Minimum Wage) (3pm)
Nov 29, Sydney, Secret Backyard BBQ show