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Smoke Meth with Tarantulas in All Leather's New Video

The Justin Pearson-fronted band is here to annoy you.
September 9, 2014, 4:00pm

All Leather loves fucking with people. The gnarly electro-punk outfit—which features singer Justin Pearson from hardcore bands like the Locust and Retox—acknowledge as much on their online bio, which reports that they belong to a musical genre called “annoying.” Their main target has always been “EDM,” whose party-hardy rave beats served as a key source of inspiration/mockery for their 2010 album When I Grow Up, I Wanna Fuck Like a Girl. But now that they’re emerging from a two-year hiatus, they’ve seemed to shed their sillier tendencies and embrace a more dystopian mindset.

That much is clear on the group’s new seven-inch. The A-side track, “An Insufficient Apology,” is a lurching banger with brutally shrill synths and a beat that stabs like a rusty prison shank. Pearson brings enough swagger to his screams to help make the tune at least slightly catchy, but the black-and-white music video adds to the menacing vibes. Shot by filmmaker Dennis Bersales, it follows a young man in the Philippines as he hangs out with a giant tarantula and smokes crystal meth. The video, though scripted, was shot in a real meth house with real props, and stars a former drug user. Indeed, it’s a far cry from the hilariously provocative antics of All Leather’s “Mystery Meat” video.

The seven-inch and digital single for “An Insufficient Apology” comes out via Pearson’s Three One G Records today; the B-side is a blown-out, dirge-y cover of Dave Van Ronk’s acidic Vietnam War folk tune “Luang Prabang.” Watch the video for “An Insufficient Apology” above. Buy the seven-inch here.