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PREMIERE: Watch Lil Yachty and Burberry Perry Flex on the Sunset in the Video for "Wanna Be Us"

Lil Boat shares his first music video, and it is beautiful.

by Kyle Kramer
Apr 1 2016, 4:15pm

Still via YouTube

Lil Yachty and Burberry Perry are the future. They will sail away with your heart. They've headed out to sea with Kanye West. They've turned Soundcloud into their very own whirlpool of fun. They can probably pull a cloud down from the sky and turn it into a cruise ship to navigate the ocean blue on. They can do just about anything. Look at them go!

Lil Yachty's music has the entire internet's ears right now. But one thing the precocious teen from Atlanta has not done yet is release a music video and get the internet's eyes. That changes now.

The video for "Wanna Be Us"—an immediate standout on Yachty's recent project Lil Boat, with such quotables as "that bitch she smile like emoji" and "got your bitch wet like the Ganges / walking on water like Jesus"—is a gorgeous clip of Yachty and Perry hanging out on a mountain, running down the hill and dabbing, and generally looking cool in front of the sunset. See?

The sunset doesn't stand a chance! The flexing is too great! The sun might be setting but it is only getting hotter! That is scientific fact!

And with the sun getting hotter, there's only one course of action: Head to the waterfront. Hop on a boat. Watch this video:

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